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Poster: Spuzz Date: Jul 4, 2004 9:24am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: A confession (well, 2)

First off, sorry for me blabbing off a day earlier (Saturday instead of Sunday?) I think I was still confused about what day it was after having a holiday in the middle of the week (Canada Day). It was an accident!

Now, Traf, I really DID pick that one at random! If I meant to 'choose' a movie that was much harsher, I'd have gone for say, the Patriotic Goats. So, yes, that choice was random.

A confession though, my 2nd, and I know I'm gonna get in flak for this, but I DID, several weeks ago, when the board was still young, skip over one of the choices the bot gave me. It gave me the number of 'Profile: Jamison Handy (Part I)'. Which, even though some people were interested in the topic, was going to be a little dry and too boring for most people. So I chose the next number down. I still am unsure whether that was the right move or not.. (I really shouldnt have a guilt complex over this should I?)